Dorset Muscahounds was set up in 2015 with the primary aim of providing services designed to improve the lives of dogs and their owners. Owning a dog can be a truly wonderful experience but expecting our dogs to just slot into our busy lives can have its challenges.

All services are designed to help owners to better understand their dogs, how to provide an appropriate environment and all the essentials, whilst nurturing and improving their bond. 

Dorset Muscahounds is owned and run by Natasha Vobes a qualified and accredited dog trainer. All services offered use positive reinforcement training methods, led by science. Natasha has years of experienced of working with a variety of different dogs and caters for all sizes, breeds and ages. 

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Dorset Muscahounds offers:

         Group dog walking                        Individual Training                           Behavioural Consultations

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For more information please visit the relevant page from the menu above or click on the relevant service button below

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Why choose Dorset Muscahounds?

     First class, caring, professional and reliable services for you and your dog

     In Depth knowledge of dog behaviour 


     Well managed group walks to ensure all dogs have fun


     Total peace of mind knowing your dog is safe and having fun when you can not be there

     Comfort and safety during their journey with individual crates and air conditioning.