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Behavioural consultations

Behavioural consultation cover a wide range of issues including:

  • Separation anxiety

  • Resource guarding

  • Nervousness or extreme sensitivities

  • OCD behaviours

  • Dog to dog frustration, fear and aggression

  • Dog to human frustration, fear and aggression

  • Issues in multi dog households

The starting point is a chat on the phone. If you want to proceed, we book in a date and time for the consultation. I then send you a detailed behavioural questionnaire for you to completion. The questionnaire covers information on your dog's history - feeding and exercise regime, issues faced and things you have already tried . This gives me a significant amount of information prior to my visit and allows me to have a good understanding of the situation. This means we can get straight onto with the behavioural consultation which is where we discuss and agree a bespoke behavioural modification plan for you and your dog.

The agreed behavioural modification plan is emailed to you a few days after our session for you to refer to.

These sessions are conducted at a time and place convenient to you.

Future sessions maybe required depending on the number and / or severity of the issues. 



Initial Consultation package includes - prework, the consultation (Approx. 2 hours), a detailed report and 4 weeks email support- £175

Further support is always here when needed and there are a wide range of options available:

Face to face 1-1 Visit (1 hr) - £50

Additional email support 4 weeks - £50

       Video call training session 60 mins - £45

       Video call or phone training session 30 ins - £20


MIllie & Tia June 18.jpg

I worked with Angela and her cockapoos Millie and Tia for a few months. As after living happily together for 3 years the 2 girls had started to fight. This was causing lots of stress and upset for everyone involved, humans and dogs. We implemented an individually tailored behavioural modification plan and slowly we started to see progress. More recently though things have really improved and the girls are now enjoying time together which is fantastic. A huge pat on the back for all the hard work Angela and her husband have put in. Here is a photo of the girls 

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