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Davy Sept 22_edited.jpg

Dave + Davey October 22

When Natasha came to visit Davey, our blue roan cocker spaniel he was very reactive, barking and jumping up at her. By the time Natasha left after an hour he was curled up fast asleep next to her on the sofa !! She talked through a lot of Davey's problems with us and helped us to understand why he has them. She gave us lots of pointers and has sent us a detailed report on what we talked about and solutions for us to work on with him. We shall be keeping in touch with Natasha for further guidance and training. Thanks Natasha 😊

Bugzy Feb 22 (2).jpg

Vicky + Bugzy Feb 22

I asked Natasha to help with our 10 month old Retriever boy who was getting a bit crazy on walks off lead, all recall had been forgotten and we needed to start over. Natasha was very helpful and her experience and expert advice were very gratefully received. We are only on our first week of retraining - both the dog and ourselves - but I feel confident that patience and consistency using the help and advice we were given we will be able to enjoy our walks once again

Bentley May 22.jpg

Tracey + Bentley - Jan 22

We went to our vets as was having a few issues with our golden retriever, they recommended using a behaviourist and gave me a few numbers to try, Natasha was recommended by our actual Vet, so i rang her 1st, just from speaking to her on the phone i felt at ease and very comfortable discussing our issues we were having with our boy she sounded just what we needed so decided to book a session in with her, the 1st session Natasha came to our home and i was very impressed took the time to listen to our problems and what we wanted and gave us some great advice which we put in place straight away we have seen Natasha several more times and each time we see her she sees improvements in our crazy boy which is great for us to hear, sometimes it can be very frustrating and feel you are not getting anywherea, each time we meet she gives us tips and things to work on communication is brilliant and Is a great behaviourist to work with and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone having problems with their dogs

Neicey 2019.jpg

Michelle + Neicey Jan 2020

Natasha, thank you for being amazing.
We first met Natasha when Niecey attended her training classes. People say bullmastiffs are stubborn but Natasha was able to use various techniques to motivate her.
Niecey is now lucky enough to enjoy weekly group walks with Dorset Muscahounds and I would highly recommend.

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