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Tom and Martha, Poole, Nov 2020

Coral, our 9 month old Romanian rescue arrived in June 2020 and seemed to be settling in fine in the very first days, in fact she was just finding her voice, and it was scared and loud.  As long term dog owners, we thought we were prepared but we didn’t have a clue about how long Coral might take to settle and trust us.

  She initially found it difficult to settle with our other two dogs and was extremely protective of the house and garden. 

Her fear worked itself into serious aggression, barking and lunging at any other adult - we didn’t try children!  For the first few weeks there was little improvement and we couldn’t begin to get her out of the garden on a walk or in the car, although she seemed to eat and sleep well.  We kept things simple but visitors were very stressful for us and her, not knowing when she might get so upset that she could lunge or worse, bite someone.   

  Just giving her space and love and time may well have got us there in the end, but with Natasha’s help and wise words down a zoom call, we could implement strategies to help Coral cope slowly with all the new information, to stop the stress stacking and begin to see her relax.   With lots of treats, she began to trust us and to accept one or two more people into our bubble.  After about 10 weeks we could walk her in the woods near the house, at about 4 months we started to put her in the car and take her on longer runs in the woods.

  Now at 5 months Coral has come so far from the nervous and scared dog that arrived, it is hard to remember her initial fear and aggression.   

She adores her runs in the forest, the family, the dogs, and no longer barks when we have guests, she is more likely to be found demanding pats and sitting at their feet.


It was quite a journey and there were panicked moments along the way when we thought we might have to give up on Coral, but with Natasha’s guidance we came through it and now have the most loving, happy dog at home. Thank you Natasha

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Lucy + Alfie November 2018

We have a very large dog who has had anxiety and behavioural problems since being a pup and can be aggressive and snappy at times towards certain humans and dogs. After countless dog trainers and behaviourists who took our money but actually made things worse we finally found Natasha. She quickly realised that our dog needed positive reward based training and understood him straight away. Natasha formed a wonderful bond with him and he absolutely adores her. Alfie our dog has improved so much through seeing Nastaha every week for the last couple of years, and we are now walking him without a muzzle and he is a happy and loving dog. Thank you so much for all of the amazing work you have done!


Rachel Feb 19

Natasha is honestly one of the nicest doggy people we've ever met. We met her 18 months ago when she came along to our house with another (very much less nice!) behaviourist. We were devastated after this behaviourist left but remembered Natasha's positivity.So when it came to needing a behaviourist again, we contacted her and immediately she was so helpful!
We now feel we have the tools to help improve all 3 of our dogs lives and were left feeling like good dog owners with small changes to make. Natasha really listens to your issues and carefully explains how to solve them and why they're happening. We honestly can't speak of Natasha more highly! Even with one of our barky dogs (doesn't like eye contact) he calmed down so much quicker around Natasha than he had done with the previous behaviourist - he's a very good judge of character! Thank you again xxxx

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Heidi + Mia August 2019

Natasha has been walking our dog Mia for 5 years now, Mia can be very nervous of strangers but Natasha has helped her deal with it, she is fantastic and very reliable we couldn’t ask for more, Natasha is like Mia’s second mum I don’t get a look in on her days which is so lovely to see the bond they have

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Michelle + Neicey Jan 2020

Natasha, thank you for being amazing.
We first met Natasha when Niecey attended her training classes. People say bullmastiffs are stubborn but Natasha was able to use various techniques to motivate her.
Niecey is now lucky enough to enjoy weekly group walks with Dorset Muscahounds and I would highly recommend.